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RainSoft Water Filters RainSoft Water Filters RainSoft Water Filters
RainSoft Water Filters

RainSoft Water Filters and whole house water treatment systems

RainSoft whole house water treatment systems work for you. A RainSoft drinking water system delivers a continual supply of refreshing, crystal clear water to your whole house. Your RainSoft water conditioner softens and clarifies your water, improving everyday living - from washing your clothes to bathing. Mineral build-up no longer clogs pipes or damages expensive appliances like your dishwasher and ice-maker. And there aren't any more hard water spots on your shower doors or walls. Now, RainSoft of Indianapolis makes it easier for you to maintain your RainSoft Water Treatment System.

RainSoft of Indianapolis, a distributor of RainSoft Water Treatment Systems, was founded in 2002 with only 2 employees. RainSoft of Indianapolis successfully acquired the business and its customers from a previous RainSoft dealer. RainSoft of Indianapolis is in no way affiliated with this previous company or any other RainSoft dealers. With many dedicated hours of hard work, RainSoft of Indianapolis was able to increase a customer base of loyal RainSoft consumers who are confident that RainSoft of Indianapolis will be around for a long time. Our mission is to conduct business practices morally, honestly, ethically and logically.

When experience counts...RainSoft of Indianapolis has a dedicated management team with combined experience of over 100 years in the water treatment industry.

Today, RainSoft of Indianapolis has over 50 employees and over 40 thousand customers in the Indiana area (map). Our customers date back to the mid-60’s. Click here to read what our customers say about us. RainSoft of Indianapolis has grown by leaps and bounds and is expanding throughout Indiana. We believe that with our dedication to customer service and top quality water treatment systems, we will continue to grow. RainSoft of Indianapolis is a member of The Water Quality Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the highest principles of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and professionalism in the water quality improvement industry. We are also members of the BBB and in goodstanding.

Our company motto is simple: “We want you to be ecstatic with your wise investment!”

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